Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Great North Fun Day 14

14 days already?!! It just doesn't seem possible and yet here I am after 2 weeks on the road sitting in Delores opposite the most stunning views...but more of that later.

Craster Kipper
With not a vast amount of reluctance we bid farewell to our backyard CL. Not picturesque but practical in many ways. Today our mission was to break free of the gravitational pull of Newcastle, not an easy task at the best of timess but one that is made ten times harder when your satnav appears to be in cahoots with Newcastle's magnetic masters.  After several laps of Gateshead we finally made it to the open road.  Keen to embrace the impulsiveness of life in Delores we followed signs to Earth Balance only to find it had closed down some time ago.  Not sure how the Earth has been managing without it.  After that we continued on stopping for one of our most fabulous lunches yet in a car park next to the beach at Alnmouth. A stunning location which you should definitely seek out when you're in the area.

Next stop on our list was Craster for a kipper.  The main problems here were that the car park needed £2 and we arrived in the middle of a deluge. We found a parking spot and I left Steve in charge of the van while I went in search of change.  By the time I'd established that the only thing in Craster was a smokery  I was utterly soaked - but I'd got me a kipper so it was mission accomplished and off to the campsite.
Beadnell Bay

The site itself is stunning if a little close to a main road and completely lacking EHU.  Not sure how the CCC justify over £15 per night for no electricity but there we go. We needed at site in the area and this was the only one with spaces.  When we arrived we were ticked off for not both having our membership cards and after showing us to our pitch the warden said "I think you're the last tonight, thank goodness.". The sign outside said 'Non Members Welcome'.  Maybe that was our problem. If we'd been non-members we'd have been welcome but as members we were clearly an inconvenience.

No electricity meant digging our the games box and after jointly winning a game of patience Steve wiped the floor with me at Top Trumps - who says romance is dead?  Tomorrow we plan to take a boat trip to the Farne Islands if the weather allows. At the moment it's blowing a gale and chucking it down, still, what else do you expect from a British summer?

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