Thursday, 5 August 2010

Great North Fun Day 8

I take back what I said yesterday about the fabulous cycle route maps.  The one we used to navigate into Durham today was so woefully out of date that I thought we'd picked up an old archaeological map instead.  On the plus side the many new roads built since the map was printed all had excellent cycle paths.  The route to Durham was hillier than I expected but not as tough as Whitby.  Along the way we passed a memorial bench dedicated to a much loved father but the inscription concerned me a little; "Stay and rest a while with me". Sounds nice enough but as this poor chap is no longer with us I'd rather not rest 'with' him just now thank you very much.

Durham itself was lovely and we did the obligatory tour of the cathedral. We had a lot of problems finding the castle though. We could see it from a distance we just couldn't seem to find the entrance. Having wandered around Durham armed with our tourist map for an hour or so we resorted to using the GPRS on my phone only to discover when we got there that it was closed for a wedding.  I'm not surprised the monks decided this was a safe final resting place for St Cuthbert as I'm fairly certain the Vikings would not have been armed with Tomtoms.

We spent a few hours wandering around away from the city centre and out along the river. Neither of us are city types and these days one city centre is pretty much like the next. We did stop off at the indoor market though so I could buy some homemade pease pudding and some faggots.

Back to Delores and I had to have a mojor cook up.  I'm still trying to master the controls on the fridge as it only seems to have 2 settings; freeze everything or complete thaw. A bunch of chicken and pork in the freezer had defrosted so I needed to batch cook the lot and then I could refreeze it again. And I needed to clean out the freezer. Who said motorhome holidays were relaxing?!

Tomorrow we head off in search of Hadrian's Wall where hopefully I can discover whether it was built to keep the Scottish in or the English out.

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