Sunday, 1 August 2010

Great North Fun Day 4

Last day of the Stockton Festival and it definitely went out with a bang!

Being the lazy so an so's that we are we didn't wander down there till 1pm sadly missing most of an excellent band performing some classic rock covers - G'n'R etc. We did however see some genuinely very funny comedy. We got to the comedy tent early, mainly because it was raining, and were in time to see the 'Family Friendly' acts. To be honest we thought they'd be a bit rubbish but I laughed till I cried, especially at a guy called Sam Wills, an Aussie lunatic and ex busker. He had the audience reduced to utter hysterics for his entire set - the first time we've seen that in 3 days!  Maybe it's because they can't fall back on crude shock jokes or excessive swearing that makes them more inventive. Whatever it was if you get the chance to see him then do it, but take a hanky!

Justin Currie
Next was the highlight of the three days for me - Justin Currie on the main stage.  I won't bore you with how fantastic he is and how brilliant it was to see him on the big stage again - but he is and it was!  The funniest moment was during a quiet moment between two songs when me and a few other stalkers in the front row were trying to get his attention and I bellowed out "Oi! Over here!" just as it went particularly quiet. He heard that and remonstrated with me that he was "Justin Currie and Mr Currie to you." but he was laughing while he said it and Steve got the pics to prove it! One day maybe I'll learn to keep quiet... Naaaah!!

The it was time for some amazing northern chips (how can chippies in the south get something as simple as frying potatoes so wrong?!) only £2:20 for two huge portions. I'm deffinitely warming to the North East.

The evening ended with the most spectacular music and fireworks display I've ever seen.  5 men in industrial suits drumming and creating a colossal fireworks show. 30 minutes of beautiful deafening madness. I hate crowds and loud noises but forgot both of those things as I watched the breathtaking display.

It's been my first trip to Stockton and although the town clearly has it's issues the majority of people we've met have been incredibly friendly and helpful. Being Southerners we're obviously not used to chatting to random strangers but it's not such a bad thing once you get used to it. And hats off to Stockton Council for putting on three brilliant and completely free days of entertainment.

Change of pace tomorrow as we're heading for a CL in the middle of nowhere just outside Whitby, where rumour has it the chips are even better than in Stockton!

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