Friday, 7 January 2011

Friendly faces and cosy places.

It's tough starting a whole new life - leaving friends, family and familiar lanscapes behind and leaping into the great unknown - but the whole process has been made so much easier by the warm welcome we've had from everyone we've met.  At work, around the campsite and even on the train everyone has been friendly, chatty and keen to help.  The only challenge still facing me on my train journey is remembering which side of the carriage I need to sit on to get the best view of the sea! My commute takes just under an hour but is absolutely delightful, the train's busy but I always get a seat, no one shoves me or tramples me and the scenery is fantastic.

Sunset from the campsite.
This morning we had a little snow which, when added to the rain, wind, hail, frost, solar eclipse & earthquake means we've probably experienced most of what the winter has to throw at us up here and we've only been here 5 days! We're still struggling a little with the geography though and each time someone tells me where they're from I need a grid reference - or at the very least some indication of whether it's up, down, left or right from where I'm standing.  That said we've found our way to the main shops & discovered that the nearest Waitrose is in Liverpool! Someone down south is going to need to start sending me Strawberry Licquorice!

Steve is taking masses of amazing photos and I'll try and upload some as soon as I can.  We've had some really clear skies and the number of stars is mind boggling.  He even spotted the International Space Station as it zipped across the sky last night. He's also getting plenty of yomping in so will be fitter than me in no time.  Despite all the challenges we're both utterly convinced it was the right thing to do.  Monty's not so sure mind, despite being cosy & warm in his mobile cat palace I think he'd rather like to run around outside a little.  If the campsite stays as quiet as it is we may try letting him out over the weekend.

Tomorrow we're off to take a second look at a house we rather liked back in November and we have a viewing on our place in Fleet, so fingers crossed all round. After that we're going to nip over to Ambleside to pick up some proper northern winter coats as our southern Jessie waterproofs feel somewhat inadequate!

Right, I've just changed trains now so time to see if I'm sitting on the sea side!

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