Wednesday, 26 January 2011

You had me at "Free WiFi"

Well, back again, and still somewhat giddy from the free WiFi thing.  When I discovered that we could log on and cruise the internet for free I sent Steve a text that read "Free Wifi, bottle of red and BBQ Pringles in the bar."  Of course, being the old romantic that he is his reply was "You had me at Free WiFi".  Bless.  Who says the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - I firmly believe it's through his liver and his laptop.

Monty looking typically stressed out...
The one 'person' I've not metioned through this is the eponymous 'Monty'(Note: This blog has been migrated from our original site where it was called "Monty's Blog").  Well he's just fine and is settling into life in the wilds.  Our pitch is the last one on the site, right at the very end, miles from anyone and right on the edge of the woods.  Last week we started letting him out and at first he wasn't too sure, there's many things here he's never encountered before, not least of all screeching pheasants.  But gradually he's found his feet and these days he's out and about for an hour or so in the mornings and dissapears off again for a few hours in the evenings.  It means he's getting some decent exercise and we're getting some decent sleep.  Nothing like being cooped up with a sitr crazy cat to ruin a good night's sleep.  On a brighter, if rather more lavatorial, note he's now taken to performing 'number twos' outside, which we're both very pleased about.  You have no idea how much sharing a van with the digested remains of Whiskas can ruin a romantic mood.  Lord knows it smells bad enough on its way in...

Gorgeous but cold!
So what's life really like living on a small motorhome full time?  Well it definitely has it's ups - it's cheap to heat, is *very* cosy and warm, neither of us mind being that close to each other and it only takes 15 mins for a full spring clean.  On the down side it's a 100 yard trek to the loo block, we have to top  up with water regularly and you can't just collapse into bed - you need 15 mins notice to dismantle the living arrangements, stow the TV/ laptops etc. and make up the bed.  Would I rather be living in a house right now?  You betcha!  Would I rather be living in the South East in my house or up here in Delores?  No contest - up here wins everytime.  This is a fantastic adventure and we always knew it would take time.  Of course there are moments when we could cheerfully pack it in and head for bricks and mortar, but one day we'll look back on this with a wry smile, lots of fun tales to tell and a laugh.  Granted it might be a rather nervous laugh accompanied by a nervous twitch and a mild look of hysteria, but it *will* be a laugh.

Today we took a peek at the outside of another house, we're still looking for that perfect combination of head and heart.  This one has plenty of parking *and* amazing views so we've decided to take a look around the inside next week.  We don't want to put anyone to any trouble for a viewing unless we've checked out the outside first, we know how excited we get at the prospect of a viewing and we don't want to raise anyone's  hopes unnecessarily.  We have noticed that there are a lot of new places coming on to the market just now though, so maybe that perfect palace is just around the corner.  Well actually it might be - I've spotted the perfect place just yards from the campsite and with the most incredible views, but it has two minor drawbacks.  One, it's not on the market and two, even if it were we couldn't afford it.  Having never been one to be put off by mere practicalities I shall hang on to my dreams to the bitter end.

The rest of this week sees me working back down in Alston and Steve negotiating delivery of a posh new lens for his camera.  On Saturday we're meeting up with my family for a meal near Preston.  We try to get together a couple of times a year at the mid point between where we all live and, as luck would have it, thanks to my big bruv living near Newcastle and my big sis living near Kidderminster, half way is just down the road for us.  It will be wonderful to see some familiar faces and enjoy a loud and lively lunch.  Bet they don't have free wifi there though.

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