Tuesday, 4 January 2011

God -v- Slartibartfast

The scenery up here is amazing.  Yesterday we walked all around Silverdale discovering the shops, golf course and train station.  It's a very pretty place though sadly out of our price bracket when it comes to finding somewhere to live.  All stone cottages and pretty gardens and the most stunning views out over Morecombe Bay. It got me wondering why the south wasn't so pretty.  Maybe God got bored as he worked his way south or maybe he just ran out of "Earth putty" having blown it all on the mountains in the north.  Or maybe Slartibartfast used Morecombe bay as a practice run for all those award winning fjords. Whatever the reason it is truly stunning up here.  Of course all that beauty comes with a price, every journey inevitably involves hiking up or down something, but it's a small price to pay.
Think I'm going to like it here.

We rounded our day off with a very pleasant dip in the pool.  All this luxury on our doorstep!  I may find it hard to leave it all behind when the time comes.  Mind you we did see the details for a house near Ulverston with it's own outdoor pool - can't imagine that get's a lot of use.  Or perhaps it was just a large hole in the garden which had gradually filled with rainwater..?

Today was my first day in the office and it started with a VERY soggy 40 min treck over a hill in the pitch dark and pouring rain.  When I got to the station I discovered there's a reliable bus service from the site to the station so think I'll try that in future, at least when there are apocalyptic rain storms in progress.  As with all first days everyone was terribly friendly & pleasant and the building seems vast and unfathomable - but it's amazing how quickly you settle in once you've finished being inducted (or is it induced?) so I'm sure everything will be fine.

I'm currently on the train 'home' and once I've got changed we plan to nip out for a drink to celebrate my first day.  In a week or so's time I may need the drink for entirely different reasons, but for now everything is looking rosy, though still a little damp around the edges.

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