Sunday, 9 January 2011

Highs and Lows

Well it's no good pretending that it's all plain sailing, we knew there'd be times when we wondered what on earth we'd gotten ourselves into as well as times when we're really excited about the future.  Luckily, when we wobble, at least we have each other to hang on to.

Yesterday was a bit of a downer.  We went back to see 'bonkers house' and realised that it's not for us.  We hadn't previously spotted that there's almost zero privacy in the lounge - it has lovely big windows but they're all completely overlooked by the neighbours.  Plus there were several other compromises which needed to be made and in the end they all outweighed the good points.  On top of that our estate agent down south was mysteriously quiet about the viewing on our place, never a good sign.  So all in all we're feeling pretty frustrated at our inability to move forward right now.  Oh and on top of that we had howling gales & torrential rain all night rocking the van - mother nature certainly chooses her moments!

Still, on the plus side, everytime I set foot outside Delores I'm confronted with glorious views across Morecombe Bay and whenever we drive anywhere the views are spectacular.  Take yesterday for instance, after we were done in Kendal we drove over to Ambleside to buy some Cumbria-proof clothing.  Our route took us all the way along Windemere with the snow topped peaks of the mountains all around us.

Today we're going to be trawling the Internet for houses, chasing our estate agent and taking a nice long walk around Arnside - oh and maybe trying to track down another possible route to the station I've spotted on the map - now I've got my fabulous new waterproofs I'm feeling adventurous again!

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