Sunday, 15 June 2014

Back to the Future

I have so little mobile signal it reminds me of life in the 1990's - but that's Vodafone for you...

Today was supposed to be unadventurous and it largely was, but you know me. We started late, awoken by the unmistakable rural sounds of tractors and shotguns and took a walk into nearby Seahouses. The bright sunny weather had lured many folks out from Newcastle so it was rather like being on the set of Auf Wiedersein Pet (sorry if that's spelt incorrectly but checking it would take an hour or so.)

We blew 82p in the arcade and came out with a number 9 billiard ball and a dice whose opposing faces add up to anything between 6 and 8. They'll be worth a fortune one day.  En route to a much needed cup of coffee Steve suggested we take a look around the RNLI shop; within seconds of purchasing a cute fluffy seal all the alarms went off and 2 minutes later the place was full of fit seafaring types in skimpy vests and shorts.  I popped a few quid in the collecting box to show my appreciation.

Lunch comprised of a dodgy crab sandwich which appeared to be one part crab, 2 parts mayonnaise and 3 parts "it's best not to ask".  Tuneful & flatulent we continued along the beach towards Bamburgh Castle. 
This really is one of the best kept secrets of the north - miles of stunning sandy beaches and spectacular views.  And not forgetting a perfect selection of skimming stones.  There maybe a million apps in the world but nothing beats an our or so of skimming stones in the sunshine.

Back into Seahouses and we took another spin around the shops and discovered a niche market just waiting to be exploited - seal memorabilia. Thanks to a previous visit here plus a recent visit to Bempton Cliffs we are replete with Puffin Paraphernalia but seal goodies are sadly lacking.

Back on Delores we broke open the wine and introduced our beautiful fluffy RNLI seal to its new home. "We need a name for it" I said, looking to Steve for inspiration. "Club Sandwich" he suggested, in honour of our dodgy crab sandwich. It's not perfect but you have to admit it's memorable.

(No photo & I'm standing in the middle of Anstead Bay just to get a signal...)

Photos now added - including one of us trying to post this...

RNLI heading out!

Shhhhh - don't tell anyone!

Better than any app!

82p well spent!

Seahouses harbour

All I need is a little bit of signal...

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