Monday, 16 June 2014

The Crab Sandwich has left the building.

I couldn't think of a more polite way of saying it but normal dietary service has been resumed.  Also fitting as we were serenaded with Elvis singing "Blue Christmas" while we ate it. How many shopping days till Christmas?

Noise has been on my mind a lot recently having spent 3 days in London - a place which has many merits though sadly peace & quiet isn't one of them.  The thing I've realised is that all noise isn't equal.  Whereas the hustle and bustle of a city will soon drive me to drink (any excuse!) the equally loud and persistent sound of the sea will relax and revive me within minutes.  Most odd when I think about it objectively and probably the result of some evolutionary quirk.

Today we took to our bikes and headed for Bamburgh Castle on a route that achieved the unlikely distinction of being uphill in both directions. At least that's the way it felt.  The castle itself is a thoroughly splendid building and well worth a visit (I'll add the pics when I get home.)  At each place we visit we buy or find a small momento for Delores, which now has a pinboard full of silly trinkets as well as other bits and pieces dotted around.  The problem with today was that the only "trinket" we found & loved was a 3ft wooden sword and we were on the bikes with no rucksacks.  Undeterred we bought it anyway and Steve startled a number of innocent tourists in Seahouses as he peddled home Dartanion style.

There was an added adventure before that mind.  Under the impression that the the castle closed at 7pm we'd been sat high up on the ramparts enjoying the evening sun.  I'd remarked to Steve how unusually quiet it was but we put that down to it being a Monday.  Only when we reached the padlocked gates did we realise we were locked in.  We considered using our sword to stake our claim and fight off any would be invaders but in the end scurried off to find a rather surprised looking member of staff to let us out.  "This will have to be reported in the morning" she said gravely.  Given the rather bloody history of the place I doubt it will worry anyone too much.

Back at Delores it was far too lovely an evening to sit indoors so I whipped up a picnic - 4 bottles of Peroni, a large bag of crisps, 2 sarnies and a pack of Maryland Cookies. Not exactly Famous Five but the farmer's wife who checked us in didn't look as if she was about to give us any thickly cut bacon and fresh eggs.  We hit the beach and tried to name as many different birds as we could, impressively we managed Black Headed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Terns, Shags, Eider Ducks, Arctic Terns, Ringed Plover, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Skylarks and "a funny looking orange one over there that looks like it's something" and all without the aid of a book. (Might have come in handy for the last one though)

Hoping to head to Longstone Island tomorrow.  We don't plan on getting locked in again but if I'm not around tomorrow evening best send help just in case.

View from Bamburgh Castle

Stunning ceiling!

Selfie with a sword - obviously...

High tide over Seahouses harbour

Eider duck 'idin' from the waves...

View from Seahouses harbour

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