Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Tern!

Trust me, this will be a lot more impressive when I can upload the photos.  (see below!) Our plan today was to do the big boat trip to Staple Island and Inner Farne.  We'd heeded the advice of the skipper we met last Saturday and booked for today but sadly the sea had other ideas and a landing on Staple wasn't possible.  What we did get was a longer boat tour and 3 hours on Inner Farne so not a bad substitute at all.

The reason we couldn't land on Staple was because of the bouncy sea and that made the 90 min boat tour loads more fun than earlier in the week.  We'd nabbed a space right at the front of the boat and I was soaked in sunshine and sea spray for the entire journey. Bliss!

The terns were as feisty as ever and I soon had one sat on my head.  Given the hat I was wearing it is entirely possible that they mistook me for a nest.  There were so many birds and chicks all over the place that I didn't even need to use my carefully packed bins so if you're planning a trip to the islands don't panic if you're not fully kitted out.

All of the rangers on the island are incredibly helpful and happy to answer any and all questions, though I was disappointed not to track down @NTSteely.  It's a tiny island so I'm not sure how we missed each other - perhaps he passed by when I had a tern on my head and he mistook me for a cliff...

3 hours absolutely flashed by - we were so busy photographing the birds that we nearly missed our boat again.  I did manage to make time to see St Cuthberts church though - very tiny and well worth a peek inside.

Back on the mainland there was just time for another round on the 2p machines and an ice cream before our final paddle back to the campsite.  As we made our way along the cliff path I noticed how the curves in the rocks beautifully echoed the waves in the sea - nice bit of Grand Designing which I'm sure Kevin McLeod would thoroughly approve of.

This week has absolutely flown by and tomorrow we head off to Greystoke for part 2 of the holiday.  Steve will be spending 2 days making his own longbow and I'll be researching the case law surrounding firing longbows from our balcony at passing cars - just in case he's ever tempted...
The closes we got to Staple Island.

Seriously - are they ever pleased to see you?

Longstone Lighthouse.

Watch the birdie!

Puffins everywhere!

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