Saturday, 21 June 2014

Don't believe everything you read in the papers.

If the press are to be believed everyone under the age of 16 is addicted to their smartphone and unable to form normal relationships. Bunkum!  Today, amongst other things, I spent 3 hours at an outdoor swimming pool watching kids of all ages doing the exact things I did when I was their age.  The really young ones were splashing around in the shallow end & getting told off for sneaking into the deep end as soon as their parents backs were turned.  The slightly older ones were making pacts to "all jump in on the count of 3" and then seeing who actually did it, while the teenage girls were swimming a little and trying to look sophisticated enough to catch the eye of the lifeguard - meanwhile he was clearly eyeing up the yummy mummies in their skimpy bikinis.

The outdoor pool is in the centre of Greystoke and is a real community effort, fully staffed by volunteers.  No volunteers, no pool.  They're running short at the moment and it would be a crying shame if a rare gem like this were to close due to lack of interest.  Everyone was laughing and chatting in the sunshine with friends and families making the most of the glorious weather.

Away from the pool I spent the rest of the day exploring the local area while Steve got busy making his longbow (watch for his blog soon).  Greystoke Cycle Cafe is an incredibly special venue and I shall be writing much more about them when I get home.  Their spectacular home made food and superb array of quirky courses are enough to keep everyone entertained and amused - mind you tomorrow I'm on an art course there and my drawing abilities could test the patience of a saint!  I'd been inspired earlier in the day by a visit to Beckstones Gallery in Greystoke Gill but fear they'll be unlikely to be showing my handiwork anytime soon.

And when I wasn't swimming, scoffing cakes or looking at fabulous artwork I was mooching around St Andrews church.  Churches are little time capsules of history and this one didn't disappoint - they have produced an imaginative guide to help you discover the past of the remarkable building and where it fits in the history of the village.  There was also a very pretty graveyard - just a shame most (all?!) of its residents are unable to appreciate it.

Only one more day of this adventure left before we head home, at which point I'll finally be able to upload some photos into the blog.  Or paint you an amazing picture -  it all depends how tomorrow pans out...

Greystoke Castle

All ready for longbow making

View of Blencathra from the cycle back.

Lovely churchyard

Just liked this -simple but lovely.

The wonderful Greystoke Swimming Pool

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