Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Bikes, waterfalls, midges & rope bridges

Another quick blog - just paid £2 for 1 hour of wifi so I'm up against it!

This morning started out lazily as we recovered from yesterday's adventure but it wasn't long before we were itching to do something.  An early lunch (or late breakfast,  call it what you will) was followed by us hopping onto the bikes & heading for some waterfalls we'd spotted from the summit  of Ben Nevis.

Steall Falls are stunning and definitely worth a visit,  though if your legs are tired you should know that it's uphill all the way there, albeit rather gently.

On arrival at the falls we were delighted to find a rope (ok, steel cable) bridge across the river - how could we possibly resist? We both shimmied across, then squelched through a bog to the foot of the falls.

We got back to the bikes at around 5pm, roughly the same time as an enormous cloud of midges and I possibly set a new world record time on my way back to the campsite as I attempted to out run them.

Two days & two fab adventures - not a bad start! Tomorrow we head for Skye and the Cuillins, let's just hope the weather holds!

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