Sunday, 19 July 2015

Wild winds & wildlife

Since our last instalment we've headed up on to Skye - my first visit.  On night 1 we aimed for Glenbrittle campsite at the foot of the Cuillins - not the best campsite in the world but a more dramatic setting would be hard to find anywhere.  The Cuillins are like the Goths of the moutain world - tall, dark, sultry and everso slightly unnerving for a reason you can't quite put your finger on.

When we arrived the weather was perfect so we broke out the BBQ and enjoyed a lovely evening in the sun, but things changed about an hour after we went to bed when the strongest winds we've ever encountered hit meaning sleep was hard to come by. The only thing I can liken the experience to is being trapped inside a washing machine on the spin cycle.  Still, at least we were in Delores - come morning there were lots of bleary eyed campers and a few flattened tents.  As the forecast wasn't great we decided to head off and return to the Cuillins later.

We opted for a tour of the island ultimately ending in Staffin at another campsite we had our eye on.  Along the way we visited Sligachan hotel for lunch before taking in Kilt Rock and assorted waterfalls.

Kilt Rock

Staffin Bay

Staffin Campsite

Old Man of Storr

View from Old Man of Storr
Having nabbed a pitch on the site just before the rain kicked in we settled down and made plans for the next day.  Unfortunately the next day the rains continued - pelting down, usually horizontally - again I was very glad of Delores - we put our time to good use though.

All of which brings us to today.  We continued on our route around the island (along with several hundred other people - gorgeous though it is the coast road around Skye is rather like an episode of Wacky Racers at times).  We explored castles, ports and beautiful bays - we heard a corncrake, possibly spotted an eagle and watched a pod of dolphins from afar as the made their way across the bay.


All done it was time to head for the campsite.  As I'm typing this I'm sat outside enjoying a spectacular view and, bizarrely, listening to bagpipes as a lone piper just appeared on the shores of the loch and is now serenading several dozen slightly bemused campers.  Not sure when I'll be back with another update - lots of places to explore, things to do and wifi to find.

Superb Camping & Caravan Club site at Edinbane

Listening to the bagpipes.

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