Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Neist to see you, to see you, Neist!

(Sorry - couldn't resist that one...)

I once had a piece of writing rejected because "there weren't enough activities" - apparently watching wildlife doesn't count as an activity - well I hope whoever sent me that message isn't reading this blog as they'll be sorely disappointed.

One thing we've noticed since we've been here is the way people tear around trying to cram everything in.  They race to a castle/ viewpoint/ whatever, leap out their car, snap a few pics then leap back into their car 15 mins later to hurry to the next attraction.

As we're not pushed for time on this trip we adopted a different approach and today we spent the entire day at Neist Point.  We explored the whole of the rocky shore, enjoyed our sarnies in the sunshine and watched the wildlife all around us.  We were rewarded with gannets, guillemots, black guillemots (yay!), kittiwakes, fulmer, herring gulls, shags, cormorants and our own personal seal.

Racing from one place to the other while you're on hols is no different to racing from one place to another when you're at home, it's just the view that changes.  Slowing down and taking the time to really look and see what's going on around you is what makes everything special, wherever you are.

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