Friday, 10 July 2015

Another great reason to visit Leighton Moss

As if you needed another great reason to go there!  Today saw the grand opening of the Sky Tower - regular visitors will have noticed its presence over the past few months - it's hard to disguise a 9m tower - but it wasn't until today that we were finally allowed to climb the 48 steps to the top.

The official aims of the tower are twofold - firstly they allow guests to get a raised view of the reedbeds - by looking down from above you get a great picture of where the reedbeds are being renewed and all the various pathways and pools within them.  Secondly, from a conservation point of view, they allow the RSPB to keep a clearer watch on the movement of different species in and out of the area.

Between you and me the third benefit of the tower is the fact that it offers the best mobile phone signal in Silverdale - but don't tell Annabel I mentioned that...

Rather than me wittering on the best way to show you how great the Sky Tower is is by showing you how great the Sky Tower is - definitely worth finding an excuse to nip over there to check it out for yourself.

Clear views of the new reed planting.

Annabel had even organised perfect weather for the day too!

Room for plenty & stopping off platforms on your way up.

It's Leighton Moss - of course there was cake!

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