Thursday, 10 December 2015

#LakeDistrictBid Advent Calendar Day 10 - Because of the Wildlife

We love living in Cumbria and particularly enjoy sharing our life in the Lake District with all the local wildlife - whether it's hearing the sound of buzzards "pinging" overhead as they hunt for food, startling a red deer or cursing a red squirrel that won't sit still for a photo, wildlife in Cumbria is everywhere.

If you want to see it our best advise is to slow down, take a pair of binoculars and be prepared to sit still for a long time - your chances are also greatly improved if you don't take your dog with you.

Gaining World Heritage Site Status would enable us to better protect the wildlife we already have and create and protect environments to allow existing residents to flourish and maybe attract a few new ones too.

Please click HERE to visit the Lake District National Park Authority website where you can learn more about the whole process and register your support for our bid to achieve World Heritage Site Status.

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Frog! (Anyone know which sort?)

Possibly Marsh Harrier (we're still learning!)


Badger in our garden

Golden Eagle in Riggindale


The only decent pic we've ever managed of a red squirrel...
...this is what a pic of a red squirrel usually looks like. :-)

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