Wednesday, 23 December 2015

#LakeDistrictBid Advent Calendar Day 23 - Because of The Force...

We all know The Force is strong with the Lake District.  There's something about it that pulls at your soul and keeps you coming back.  It gets inside your brain and entices you up snowy fells, lures you out on soggy wet days and convinces you to live here (well it did that to us anyway).

UNESCO World Heritage Site Status could offer A New Hope for the Lake District, and whilst the bid doesn't specifically mention The Force (though it probably should), it was strong enough to draw the makers of Star Wars here and put the dramatic fells around Derwentwater on the world stage (well, screen).  As I understand it JJ Abrams was originally headed for a remote hillside somewhere in Wales before he encountered an elderly gentleman in a cream tunic and a hooded brown coat who waved his hand and convinced him that "these are not the hills you're looking for".

You want more proof of The Force in the Lake District?

Jedi swan
Immense landscapes
Master Snowda
Children cannot resist The Force...
It watches you from the rocks...
Great Gable - centre of The Force & possible inspiration for
Darth Vader's helmet
Blea Tarn - gently forceful
The Force Awakens your inner child.
The Force is especially strong around Blencathra
Darth Horse
Ewok in Endmoor
It's everywhere...even the ponds have eyes...
C3P0 rock face
Snow only adds to the strength of The Force
Ready for Stormtroopers
Views of the Lake District from The Dark Side (Yorkshire) ;-)
Scale (the) Force

Don't fight The Force - please click here to learn more about the Lake District's bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site Status. You can also register your support for the bid with a couple of clicks of your mouse (or prods of your screen).

And if The Force has only just bought you to this blog click here to take a Luke at day 1 and catch up with all the other great reasons.

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