Wednesday, 2 December 2015

#LakeDistrictBid Advent Calendar Day 2 - Because it's healthy

Researchers from Warwick Business School have recently confirmed something many of us already suspected - that people feel healthier when they are in a more scenic area.  In an experiment involving well over 1.5 million people, they identified that those who lived in areas rated as more scenic reported their health to be better when answering a question about their health on the 2011 census. (The full scientific report is here for those who enjoy such things).

The Langdale Pikes - medicine for the soul.
And scenic doesn't just mean green - those places considered as most scenic had a good balance of grey, brown and blue as well as the green.  The good news for non-hikers is that you don't even have to climb up into the scenic stuff in order to benefit (though obviously a little exercise won't do us any harm), simply being surrounded by scenic views is good for your health.

By gaining World Heritage Site Status the LDNPA would have access to more money which could be invested in the region to protect and benefit the environment, the wildlife, the history and the jaw dropping scenery.  The Lake District will be healthier, the locals will be healthier and everyone who visits it will be healthier - seriously, what's not to love?

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