Monday, 14 December 2015

#LakeDistrictBid Advent Calendar Day 14 - Because of the roads...

Cumbrian roads have been in the news a lot since the floods – images of tarmac submerged, damaged or, as in the case of the A591 between Grasmere and Keswick, washed away completely have been splashed across the news pages, websites and social media.  We’re not the first people to try building roads through the Lake District and we’re not the first to have those roads washed away – there was a flood many moons ago which swept through what is now Thirlmere, and sent the locals fleeing to the trees for safety as it swept away everything in its path.

There are old Neolithic trading routes, Roman roads, coffin trails and industrial routes created to ship materials from quarries in the hills to the main routes south (there's some great old pics in the Frances Frith books which are well worth a look).  The county’s history can be mapped by studying these wonderful old roads and trading routes and this history is something that will be recognised and better protected and understood when (not "if" - I'm an optimist!) we achieve World Heritage Site Status.

High Street - Old Roman Road

Kirkstone "not quite as passable as usual"

The A6 and site of the Old North Road

The Roman route up onto High Street

Coffin route near Haweswater

Gatescarth Pass

Gatescarth Pass

Approach to Hardknott Pass...

Damage on A591

Fixing the A591

To learn more about the bid and to register your support with just one click (honestly, just one click, no email address needed or anything) please visit the World Heritage Bid site here.

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