Saturday, 19 December 2015

#LakeDistrictBid Advent Calendar Day 19 - Because of the sheep

Best not tell George Monbiot about this blog - he's got plenty to say about Lake District sheep.  I've no wish to get embroiled in the argument - suffice it to say that balancing the needs of the farmers with the needs of the environment is a very tough call and I'm glad it's not mine to make.  I've written plenty in the past about the wildlife in Cumbria and it was fascinating earlier in the year to spend a day at Penrith and District Farmers Mart seeing what goes on behind the scenes in the Cumbrian farming world.  We've also spent time with the RSPB up at Haweswater so we understand some of the challenges faced by both sides.

Whichever side of the fence you're on there's no doubting that farming, and sheep farming in particular, has helped to shape the landscape of the Lake District and is an integral part of it's history.  It's this history that UNESCO World Heritage Site Status will help us protect and balance so, for now, sit back and enjoy the woolly loveliness of the Lake District sheep - not long till spring!

Young lambs are put into raincoats to help keep them warm & dry

Kiss tribute act?

Herdy lamb during the "balaclava" phase.
I'm writing this whole series of blogs to support the Lake District National Park Authority as they bid to gain UNESCO World Heritage Site Status for the Lake District National.  Pretty please click here to learn more about the bid and show your support.  

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