Friday, 19 June 2015

30 Days Wild : Day 19 - "I never knew about the park."

I love to use public transport and walk to clients from the nearest station whenever I can, which often leads to some interesting conversations as I inevitably discover a park or a greenway which they were previously unaware of or had forgotten about.

Today was no exception as I escaped London for the day, headed to Cosham & took a lovely 20 minute stroll through the sunshine to a business meeting. There were some lovely stands of poplars along the way and a good assortment of other trees, including a very fluffy one that I couldn't identify but which was showering the park with a fine layer of soft white down that the black headed gulls were padding around in.

Though there were fewer hills than I'm used to there was a gorgeous chalk escarpment rising up to the north - the start of the South Downs?

Walking is such a great way to learn about places, discover nature and keep fit - and I always arrive at my business meetings in a better frame of mind if I've had a nice stroll beforehand,  even if that does mean that some clients think I'm everso slightly bonkers.

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