Saturday, 27 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 27 - Edible Garden

A beautiful sunny day and I've been stuck indoors all day coughing and croaking like an old woman.  What voice I have sounds rather like Bonnie Tyler the morning after a night of karaoke and inadvisable heavy smoking.

Still determined not to miss a day I dragged myself into the garden to discover how the fruit was doing.  We inherited all the fruit trees from the previous owner and we have something to keep us going throughout most of the year.

In addition to all the ones in the photos we also get blackberries and wild garlic, both of which are technically weeds but both still wind up in the kitchen.  We've also supposedly got a damson tree, though I've never seen a damson on it so I'm not convinced. 


Almost Redcurrants
Wild Strawberry
Soon to be blackcurrants
Apples coming along nicely
Figs - managed to eat 2 last year
Rhubarb ready for crumbles
Pansy - can you really eat these?

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