Thursday, 25 June 2015

30 Days Wild : Day 25 - Wild at home

This is my "I refuse to be beaten" post. My germs have multiplied & I've been confined to quarters on account of the fact I have to deliver a training course all day tomorrow and it will help if I’m audible.

But, determined not to miss a day, I've decided to share some pics of the wild bits and bobs I've collected on my travels.   

Tomorrow I'm off to Wigan so if I don't expire you can expect something a little more exciting.

Shap Granite - love this!

My round rocks collection - it began in Worthing

A couple of sheep horns - collected separately

From Silecroft beach

Quartz crystal from the top of St Sunday Crag

The 2 on the left are from Rockcliffe & the mussel is from Foulney Island
2 fossil ammonites & 1 fossil coral

Big white feather - probably swan

Stripy feather - no idea what from
A shell & a brown thing from an exotic paddle in Oman

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