Wednesday, 3 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 3 - Going back the pretty way.

Today we had a meeting in Kendal and decided that instead of steaming along our usual route through the middle of town, we'd follow the river there and back and find somewhere to stop for lunch along the way.

First up are the gorgeous trees behind the church - I've cheated a little to include a pic of how amazing they look in autumn.  The beech tree in particular is immense and spectacular come the autumn months.
Taken today

Not taken today...
Kendal has a fascinating history and many of the beautiful old houses along the banks of the river give us clues to the past, when the river played an essential role in the life of the town.

Meetings over and heading back along the other bank.

A quick pause for lunch at a place we'd never visited before and a battle with the local gulls for our chips!

Following the heavy downpours of the previous 24 hours the Kent was giving it the beans and the weirs were particularly lively.

Below is the view from the footbridge behind the town.  Such a shame so many people only ever visit the shops.  If you're heading to Kendal you need to do 3 things.  1.  Get off the high street and explore the alleyways, 2. Head down to the river and take in the views, 3. Make your way up to the castle for some superb views across the town and surrounding fells.

And if you think Kendal wasn't enough of a challenge for me, watch out tomorrow when I'll be blogging about finding wild things and nature in Leyland.

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