Sunday, 21 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 21 - My messy wildlife garden

I'm possibly not the world's worst gardener but I'm sure I could give whoever it is a run for their money.  I like my garden, it just never makes it all that high up on my "to do" list and pruning generally gets done when pathways are blocked and weeds are tapping on the front door.

I've also never mastered the art of the "green wheelie bin" and tend to dump the garden rubbish in a few small (OK one of them is pretty large) piles at the bottom of the garden.  This always used to worry me, but no more, for it turns out us lazy gardeners are more eco friendly - I know, Chris Packham told me so on Springwatch. 

Today was one of the days that I made it out into the wilderness to clear a few paths and hoik out a few weeds so I thought I'd share some of the top "wildlife" spots in my garden with the world (and if my lovely green fingered mother-in-law happens to be reading this, sorry mum - I do my best, honest I do...)

The wood & leaves lure the insects and the insects lure the birds.

Another "back to nature" woodpile

Known as "dingle dell" - there's a spring here afer heavy rain

Compost pile behind prolific blackcurrant bush

But the bees love it!

Honest they do!

See? I told you!

Random purple flowers (I told you I was no gardener!) :-)

Nom nom nom!

No idea what it is but it's lovely!

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