Monday, 8 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 8 - Wild in Wokingham

I'm currently languishing in deepest, darkest, Berkshire and, although my job means I'm on my feet all day, I was determined to squeeze in a walk to try & find something wild.  I'll be honest,  my hopes weren't high when I set off but I was in for an absolute treat.  Before we moved north my last job was based here & I really thought I knew the place.

I checked on a map & spied a nature reserve called Heath Lake so decided to head for it - apparently it's the only acid lake in the whole of Berkshire and is home to an assortment of rare plants.

Along the way I spotted squirrels,  wood ants and a variety of birds and I only got nearly run over once.  The old footpaths I followed made we wonder about the feet that had trod them in the past, when walking was the only way to get from A to B as opposed to a pleasurable passtime.  Who knew all of this was just a stones throw from busy commuter routes? (Apologies for clumsy links to YouTube - I'm updating from my phone but they're short & well worth a look!) 

The path alongside Tesco.

Red Kite - v - Crow

Wood ants 

Heath Lake

Unidentified egg

Strawberry farm - it smelled divine!

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