Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 30 - look at the map!

I think if there was a motto for my #30DaysWild experience it would be "look at the map" - June has been one of my most hectic months ever workwise but I've still manged to squeeze in something wild each day, well with 1 exception.

Today I was back in Wigan wondering where I'd wander when I spotted on the map a whole new section of canal leading to Scotsman's Flash and Pearson's Flash.  A beautiful 20 minute walk in baking sunshine was just what was needed to get me through the afternoon.

I'll write a round up post later this week picking out my highlights, but for me the whole thing has been a voyage of discovery,  finding wonderful pockets of nature in some of the least expected places and all I ever needed was a map and a small sense of adventure.   Here's to more fabulous discoveries in the future.  #StayWild

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