Friday, 26 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 26 - peering at Wigan Pier.

There aren't many wildlife experiences that begin with "I was working in the middle of Wigan & took a walk to Asda", but this one does.  Before I ever visited Wigan I expected it to be a bit of a hole - no idea why, blame the TV and northern stereotyping - but over the past couple of years I've been very pleasantly surprised by the place.  I'm sure it's got its grim areas but then so has everywhere but the parts of Wigan I get to visit are really rather lovely.

Today I was working at a venue alongside the canal and realised mid morning that I'd forgotten my cough syrup and was in danger of expiring.  At lunchtime I nipped along the canal to Asda to restock and took some time to explore along the way.

I'll be honest, there were plenty  of overgrown areas and an abundance of weeds, but that sort of untouched wilderness is great for wildlife. Canals are fantastic corridors for water related creatures and although they're usually considered the poor relation of rivers, I really rather like them.

This particular jaunt also took me past Wigan Pier - rather smaller than I'd imagined it would be, but choc full of interesting history, though the nearby statue didn't seem to be impressed.

Once back at the office there was just the small matter of battling the ducks for my lunch before taking a hearty swig of cough syrup and tackling the afternoon.

Wigan Pier - all of it.

She's not impressed...

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