Monday, 29 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 29 - Fir Tree Flash

OK I admit it, I finally gave in yesterday & stayed in bed all day despite the gorgeous sunshine.  I'd like to say I feel better for it but after a day delivering another course I can still do a pretty convincing rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

I managed to drag myself into the fresh air at lunchtime and discovered Fir Tree Flash (Pennington Flash was a bit far).  This looks to be on an old industrial site and though I'm sure many locals would prefer the industry and the jobs to still be here, Mother Nature is putting the site to good use.

I spotted a few butterflies but none stayed still long enough for me to get a pic. I think I saw a Cinnabar Moth - though I could be wrong, whatever it was it was very pretty. 

This challenge has pushed me to find pockets of wild in some unexpected places, in future I'll definitely take a closer look at the maps for where I'm working to see what else I can find.

Not wild but interesting.  Spotted on my walk back to Leigh. 

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